Sunday, February 5, 2012

how I read your purse?

 The oracle of the new age Darla Davina "Nurse purse"
 reads your purse just as a tarotreader would. 
In a lyrical way,she gives you a short but accurate interpretation 
of the moment and what might concern you. By means of your purse and three items you can take out your personal story takes form and in that moment Fashion & Freud are reünited in the most surprising and wonderous way. Ladies with purse,but also men with bagpack or other recipients are mostly welcome!

The method:

In approximately ten/twelve minutes I give you concentrated information through your purse. 

This will be an joyous eyeopener to yourself.

I read your purse on different levels.

1.) The outer of your purse. 

 I will take a closer look at the outer of your purse.
Through form,size,colour,material,texture,etc I dive up personal information about your psyche. Intriguing.

2.) Atmospheres and associations.
Associations might come up, lyrical, poetical phrases and references to greater stories.
Slowly,out of the shadow,your personal story/myth reveils itself.

4.) Three items out of your purse.
Next you take three items out of your purse.These give extra information about your self.
Not only what,but also how you take them out and how you lay them aside matters. 

If we have more time (individual or small group) you may even flip over your purse, and I can read your personal belongings more detailed layer by layer as a personal stuff-constellation.

"What we carry with us,is indeed what we CARRY WITH US!"
"If we are able to let go of the unnecessary ballast we feel truly liberated!"
Darla Davina