Tuesday, June 19, 2012

who's behind the eyelashes?

 The last twenty-six years I worked with tarot, photoreading, I gave regression-and arttherapy and shamanic consults.
 With my passion for theatre I went to Edmonton/Canada (1996) to participate in a clown/mask training. I'm working for seventeen years now professionaly as a "contactclown" (like Patch Adams) in hospitals for children and in homes for people with Alzheimer. 
My latest "discovery"is "Darla Davina, the pursereading dragqueen".
I have been experimenting with dragqueen for five years now,going out in lot's of outrageous costumes. I went to the academy of arts in Antwerp to do the fashion design, and now I make my own designs! 
My talent is my impro-skill,in which I use my natural born intuïtion to create...theatre,costumes,happy people and smiling faces. 

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